Dr Caroline Tan

Consulting Neurosurgeon & Specialist Spinal Surgeon
North Melbourne VIC and Telehealth

Provider Number: 5521023T


Dr Caroline Tan has been a neurosurgeon in full-time clinical practice in Melbourne since 2008. She possesses skills and expertise in general neurosurgery as well as additional qualifications in complex spinal surgery. Over the years she has managed innumerable patients with workers compensation and transport accident claims, and therefore appreciates very well the many issues and obstacles that can arise in trying to help such patients to recover from their injuries. She has observed first-hand the harm that can arise from medical reports that fail to properly consider all the available evidence.

Dr Tan has been doing medicolegal work since 2009, was accredited by Worksafe Victoria as an approved Independent Medical Examiner in September 2018 and accredited by the TAC an as approved Independent Medical Examiner in March 2020. The effort she takes to prepare each report is self-evident and is not conducive to conveyor belt-style production. Owing to her clinical practice, her availability for medicolegal and IME work is variable and can be limited at times.

Referrers may contact Dr Tan directly to request an appointment for an IME if there isn’t a suitable existing appointment on her online calendar. Dr Tan will accommodate this request if possible.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Public & Professional Liability
Medical Negligence
Criminal Law
Workers Comp Treatment
Workers Comp Assessment
Medicolegal Medical Expert
Motor Vehicle Assessment
Telehealth Assessments

Communication matters.

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