Dr David Fitzgerald

Occupational Physician
Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne & Hobart

Provider Number: 231724RJ


Dr David Fitzgerald is a consultant occupational physician based in Canberra who also consults in other locations such as Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. Dr Fitzgerald undertakes clinical work for various companies and acts as a supervisor for AFOEM trainees at Sonic Health Plus and is a senior lecturer in aviation and occupational medicine at Otago University.

Dr Fitzgerald works with a wide variety of industries including transport (aviation and rail), heavy industry including mining, and with the public service and office-based workers. He prides himself in providing evidence-based, practical and pragmatic opinions and advice in problems involving work and health, from work relatedness, optimal management, fitness for duty and return to work. He also undertakes impairment assessments.

Dr Fitzgerald is looking forward to assisting you in managing your cases.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Fitness for Duty
Workers Comp Treatment
Workers Comp Assessment
Virtual CMO
Telehealth Assessments
Life Insurance
Medical Negligence

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