Dr David Vivian

Musculoskeletal Physician
Brighton VIC,  Clayton VIC and Telehealth

VWA Provider Numbers: Brighton VIC 00116227F  |  Clayton VIC 011622HW  |  Melbourne CBD 11622ML


Dr Vivian draws on 40 years’ experience of musculoskeletal medicine including comprehensive interventional pain medicine to provide expert medical opinions on people with acute and chronic non-cancer pain. The diagnostic skills of a musculoskeletal physician are to elicit a relevant pain history, examine each part of the musculoskeletal system, refer to diagnostic investigations and, more importantly, understand their relevance, and then make a clinical diagnosis. The management skills of an experienced musculoskeletal physician such as Dr Vivian are based upon managing more than 10,000 referred patients with acute and chronic pain over these 40 years. Dr Vivian takes a non-biased and evidence-based approach in formulating his opinion. 

Dr Vivian has managed medical problems that cross many traditional specialist boundaries, such as cervical and lumbar disc prolapse and radiculopathy, shoulder joint disorders, arm pain, pelvic pain, hip, knee and ankle disorders including meniscal and ligament injuries, and chronic widespread pain disorders such as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. He has run and worked in multidisciplinary pain clinics. Thus, he has an extensive and eclectic capability of commenting on the role of conservative versus non-conservative management including the relevance of pain interventions, surgery and pain management programs.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Life Insurance
Criminal Law
Public & Professional Liability
Fitness for Duty
Family Law
Medical Negligence
Virtual CMO
Virtual CMO
Medicolegal Workers Comp
Workers Comp
Motor Vehicle Assessment

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