Dr Denis Mulkeen

Occupational Health Practitioner, IMC
Horsley Park NSW and Telehealth
Provider Number: 4878316H


Over the past 27 years, since becoming a qualified doctor, Dr Denis Mulkeen has developed remarkable confidence and expertise in Occupational Medicine, specializing in providing healthcare services to corporate and industrial environments. Dr. Mulkeen is highly sought after as a preferred medical provider and Injury Management Consultant, with a particular focus on sectors such as logistics, transport, construction/civil engineering, and manufacturing.

What truly drives Dr. Mulkeen is his passion for assembling exceptional multidisciplinary teams and ensuring that individuals who suffer injuries are not needlessly trapped in the Workers Compensation system for an extended period. He strives to restore these individuals as closely as possible to their pre-injury state, minimizing their time away from work. One of his primary motivations is to prevent secondary psychological, social, and spiritual harm caused by inadequate early injury management. Dr. Mulkeen also endeavors to design tailored corporate wellness programs to promote overall well-being and help workers stay healthy while on the job.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dr. Mulkeen remains committed to ongoing education, regularly attending postgraduate conferences and training programs. He holds accreditations for various medical assessments, including Coal Board and Rail medicals as an Authorized Health Professional, Trucksafe, and others as well as being a preferred medical provider for numerous companies. His expertise extends to industries such as food and other manufacturing, logistics/transport, heavy industry, civil engineering, and service sectors. Dr. Mulkeen also maintains a keen interest in Travel and Preventive Medicine, with a focus on educating workers and businesses about achieving the best outcomes in terms of return to work and corporate health and wellness.

Specific industry expertise includes:

  • Return to Work
  • Fitness for Work assessment
  • Pre-employment health assessment
  • Workplace drug & alcohol screening & testing
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Construction
  • Coal Board
  • Rail Industry
  • TruckSafe accredited

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