Dr Denis Mulkeen

Occupational Health Practitioner
Erskine Park, NSW and Telehealth

Provider Number: 4878315X


Dr Mulkeen has 24 years comprehensive postgraduate experience with qualifications in Surgery, Sports Medicine, Skin Cancer, Emergency Medicine, General Practice and Occupational Medicine, including working in rural/remote locations in Far North Queensland.  


Dr Mulkeen is passionate about educating workers and businesses in how to achieve the best outcomes in Return to Work, corporate health and wellness. He has a special interest in logistics and transport, construction, service and manufacturing industries, as well as Travel and Preventive Medicine.

Specific industry expertise includes:


NSW IMC – Stage 1, 2, 3
NSW IMC – Stage 1, 2, 3
Telehealth Assessments
Fitness for Duty Assessments

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