Dr Greg Cameron

Dr Greg Cameron

Occupational Health Practitioner
Blacktown & Sydney CBD, NSW and Telehealth

Provider Number: 08734MF


Dr Cameron draws on 25 years’ experience using both his medical and business skills to provide expert medical opinions and treating injured workers. It is often difficult to balance the competing needs and expectations of the worker, employer, insurer and other interested parties. Dr Cameron takes a common sense, practical and pragmatic approach to find the optimal outcome.

Dr Cameron has treated both physical and psychological injuries in a variety of industries including hospitals, schools, manufacturing, Police, Fire and Ambulance, Rail and Transport, Banking, Government departments – Local, State and Federal – labour-hire, and many others.

Specific industry expertise includes:

  • NSW Workers’ Compensation
  • Police
  • Rail and Transport
  • Aviation Industry
  • Life Insurance assessments
  • Finance Sector
  • NSW Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Fire and Ambulance
  • Maritime Sector
  • Government departments
  • Legal Sector

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Technological Innovation: Helping Insurers meet the demands of mental health claims

In our second article on technological innovation, we explore the growing use of Telehealth and how it is being used to help solve the challenges of mental health claims across regional, rural and remove Australia.

7 Steps to IMC success: A guide for Case Managers

Early intervention is pivotal to successful claims outcomes, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine exactly what treatment has been undertaken, what the response has been and the treatment strategy that will be implemented moving forward. That’s when you need an IMC!

Technological innovation: Helping Insurers meet the Life Code requirement around IME Choice

The subject on every life insurer’s lips at the moment is the Life Code and with good reason. With a firm delivery date of July 1, 2017, Life Code committees have been busy restructuring internal practices, rewriting policies and training staff to ensure they are compliant with the code. Whilst the changes have placed enormous pressure on Life Insurers to revisit their modus operandi, most people would agree the changes are necessary and serve as a timely catalyst for implementing practices that will future-proof the industry.

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