Dr John Garvey

General & Diagnostic Surgeon
Sydney CBD and Telehealth

Ph: 02 9004 1060


Dr Garvey is a General Surgeon with training at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. He is a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery graduate of the University of New South Wales and a Bachelor of Science (Med) of UNSW. 

Shortly after entering practice, Dr Garvey became aware of a previously unreported injury in football players that came to be known as Sports hernia and subsequently Groin Disruption Injury. Dr Garvey accumulated 100 cases over the next 10 years and published and reported them at General Surgeons of Australia conference in Surfers Paradise in 1999, and at the International Hernia Society meeting in London in 2003. Subsequently he presented papers in Beijing, San Francisco, Edinburgh, Singapore, Berlin, Istanbul et cetera. His interest in personal injury assessments came directly from his experience with groin injuries in football players when he realised that the same injury that occurs in sports players occurs in injured workers. The assessments Dr Garvey writes on groin injuries are based on his 30 years’ experience with groin injuries, but he also assesses the digestive tract, reproductive and urinary symptoms and skin. He has been performing assessments for the Workers Compensation Commission since the year 2000 and a Decision Maker for SIRA (Motor Accident Authority) since 2017.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Criminal Law
Family Law
Fitness for Duty
Whole Person Impairment
Public & Professional Liability
Medical Negligence
Medicolegal Workers Comp
Workers Comp
Medicolegal Medical Expert
Motor Vehicle Assessment

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