Dr Lukas Cheney

Telehealth only

Provider Number: 434279BW

VWA Provider Number: IME4342UQ

About Dr Lukas Cheney

Dr Lukas Cheney is a consultant Psychiatrist and Deputy Clinical Director at Spectrum Personality Disorder Service. He specialises in individuals with complex presentations such as autism spectrum disorder and neuro-diversity, personality disorders, BPD, OCD, depression, anxiety and paranoia. He actively engages in the most challenging personality disorder cases from Victoria and provides consultation to mental health services across Australia.

Dr Cheney is highly trained in dialectal behavioural therapy (DBT) and mentalisation-based therapy which assists him in understanding claimants that are in a highly emotional and stressful state. Dr Cheney assists claimants with a thorough examination and explanation of their emotions by regulating, accepting, and managing intense emotions that can be brought on by all types of trauma.

Dr Cheney’s assessments are evidence-based and have a strong focus on building rapport through empathy, a thorough history and advice on appropriate treatment options, if requested.

Dr Cheney has a non-judgmental and accepting approach to patients from all cultural, religious, gender and sexuality backgrounds.

Accreditations and Schemes:

  • ACT Motor Vehicle
  • ACT Workers’ Compensation
  • NSW Workers’ Compensation (Non WPI)
  • Capacity Assessments
    • Accommodation and Lifestyle decisions
    • Driving Capacity Assessment
    • Financial Capacity Assessment
    • Medical Decision-Making Capacity Assessment
    • Testamentary Capacity
  • Comcare Guide to the Assessment of Degree of Permanent Impairment
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Fitness For Duty
  • Life Insurance – TPD and Income Protection
  • Medical Negligence
  • Public and Professional Liability
  • Seafarers
  • Sexual Abuse
    • Historical Abuse: Sexual
    • Historical Abuse: Non-Sexual
  • Victoria Transport Accidents Commission Joint Medical Examiner (JME)
  • Victorian WorkSafe Independent Medical Examiner (IME)

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