Dr Melissa Hughes

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Forensic Psychologist & Psychologist
Maroubra, NSW


Dr Melissa Hughes is a highly experienced Clinical Neuropsychologist and Forensic psychologist who has worked internationally and interstate in clinical roles in non-government, health, and mental health settings, whilst concurrently employed in academic research positions.

She applies strong skills in the assessment (cognitive, forensic, and psychological) of clients with complex histories, including multiple brain trauma, forensic and substance issues, and associated difficulties including mood and personality.

Trained in AMA4 guidelines for the assessment of permanent impairment, Dr Hughes has been appointed to the SIRA Authorised Health Practitioner Panel. She has vast experience in assessing individuals from a broad.

She has extensive experience assessing individuals from a wide range of industries including government, non-government, hospitals, prisons and community, providing high quality, impartial expert opinion and medicolegal reports, and acting as an expert witness in NSW courts and tribunals.

Dr Hughes is a member of the national committee of the Psychology Board of Australia, and has been appointed a peer reviewer for various academic journals.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Life Insurance
Fitness for Duty
Public & Professional Liability
Motor Vehicle Assessment
Fitness for Duty
Medical Negligence
Family Law
Criminal Law
Whole Person Impairment

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