Dr Pramodh Nathaniel

Medical Practitioner
Virtual CMO- Life Insurance and Superannuation claims


Dr Pramodh Nathaniel is a dynamic, innovative and extremely motivated medical practitioner with extensive experience in all facets of insurance medicine having been Chief Medical Officer for leading direct Life and Superannuation Insurers in Australia.

Utilising 10+ years as Chief Medical Officer for various life insurance and superannuation organisations, Dr Nathaniel has vast experience across all facets of insurance medicine including: understanding medical presentations in the context of policy definitions; medical risk analysis and actuarial support; and dispute resolution.

His medical expertise, combined with strategic advice and deep understanding of life insurance and superannuation claims helps case managers, lawyers and financial advisors make sense of life, trauma and superannuation claims, and effectively manage these claims for optimal outcomes.

Advice on:

  • Total and Permanent Disability Claims
  • Income Protection Claims
  • Trauma Claims

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