Dr Ralph Poppenbeek

Occupational Physician
Melbourne, VIC & Telehealth
VWA Provider Number: 25813NA


Dr Poppenbeek is a specialist Occupational Physician with over 20 years of experience managing and assessing workplace injury and illness.

He has a master’s degree in medicine and a fellowship with the RACP. Dr Poppenbeek undertakes a range of medical assessments including IME, impairment assessment, fitness for duty evaluations, worksite visits and country work.

He is the medical advisor to Recovre Occupational Rehabilitation, where he assists in functional recovery from a work injury.

Dr Poppenbeek prides himself on making the assessment experience positive for the patients he sees, by treating them with respect, and courtesy and remaining cheerful and constructive.

Specific industry expertise includes:

  • Meat industry
  • Truck driving
  • Motor mechanical work
  • Postal services
  • Clerical/admin work
  • Teaching
  • Hospital workers
  • Factory process work and forklift driving

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