Dr Reza Sabetghadam

Occupational Physician/IMC
Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Telehealth


Dr Sabetghadam is a Specialist Occupational and Environmental Physician. He has engaged in many years of emergency and general medicine- both abroad and in Australia, gaining experience across a wide array of medical presentations and differing occupational environments.

His assessments and reports focus on prevention, identification, management and treatment of health conditions, and rehabilitation programs specific to the workplace. He considers potential impacts and challenges in returning injured parties to the workplace, recommending adaptions to enhance the success of a return to work effort, interpreting functional capacity and vocational assessments and their validity in contemplating suitable or modified duties, reviewing occupational and safety measures, reviewing systemic processes in the workplace that may be contributing to risk of injury. He maintains a specific interest in Musculoskeletal and Spine Injury Management.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Life Insurance
Criminal Law
Public & Professional Liability
Medical Negligence
Medicolegal Workers Comp
Workers Comp
Motor Vehicle Assessment

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