Dr Travis Perera

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Bendigo, VIC

Provider Number: 496687W


Travis Perera has been a practising Orthopaedic Surgeon for nearly 40 years and has worked in Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and since 1982 in Australia. Travis has a very keen interest in Arthroplasty Surgery of both the upper and lower limbs and has dealt with many complex and challenging problems associated with this type of surgery. He also has experience with many spinal conditions, including disc prolapse and herniation, degenerative spinal conditions, and spinal canal stenosis involving mainly the lumbar spine, but in some instances the cervical spine as well.

Travis has extensive knowledge and experience of various forms of Trauma involving motor vehicle accidents, industrial and farming accidents and various types of sports related injuries. He has dealt with both adult and paediatric trauma regularly. Travis has carried out medicolegal work for many years, dealing with the Victorian Workcover Authority, the TAC, DVA, Comcare and many solicitors.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Life Insurance
Fitness for Duty
Motor Vehicle Assessment
Medicolegal Workers Comp
Workers Comp

Communication matters.

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