Mr Charlie Rahme

Occupational Therapist/Consultant, Health & Injury Services
Sydney, NSW & Canberra, ACT


Mr Charlie Rahme has over 30-years’ experience providing Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Services including the assessment of the functional needs of people impacted by injury and illness for the purposes of medico legal opinion.

As an Occupational Therapist Mr Rahme has worked in social services, community and private occupational rehabilitation settings, gaining experience in provision of activities of daily living and care needs assessment, equipment prescription, environmental modifications, moving and handling risk assessments and intervention, functional assessments, workplace assessments, and disability case management.

Over the past decade Mr Rahme’s work has been predominately in the area of rehabilitation during which time he has developed expert skills in case management, improving daily living skills, overcoming work disability and assisting clients maximise their independence in daily living skills. Mr Rahme is passionate about enabling people to achieve their goals and maximise their performance in daily activities and life roles.

Mr Rahme will see adults of any age, with a physical injury or disability that impacts some aspect of their daily life.   Utilising his depth of experience and his strong analytical skills Mr Rahme aims to accurately represent the functional needs of your client as a result of the impact of their injury, with recommendations always based on sound clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice.

Mr Rahme will accept referrals for, (but not limited to) –

  • Person Injury
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Workers Compensation
  • Medical Negligence
  • Public Liability

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