Mr Oliver Brecht

Mr Oliver Brecht

Forensic Psychologist
Sydney, NSW and Telehealth


Oliver Brecht is the Managing Director and Senior Psychologist at Veretis Legal Psychology.

He divides his time across the three practice areas of the Veretis Group: Veretis, Veretis Legal Psychology, and Voxus. He completed his Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of South Australia before returning to Sydney and completing his Masters of Professional Psychology at the University of Wollongong. He has received extensive experience in mood, anxiety, and the associated risk issues, especially in vulnerable populations such as offenders and prisoners.

Oliver gained experience through volunteering as a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter, working as a Blackdog R.E.A.C.H. facilitator and completing a placement in the prisons with the NSW Corrective Services.

He is the President of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia.

Accreditations and Schemes:

  • Abuse and Criminal Law
    1. Bail To Treatment
    2. Fitness To Stand Trial
    3. Parenting Capacity Assessment
    4. Psychological Assessment
    5. Risk Assessment
    6. S14 (Previous S 32) Report
    7. Sentencing Assessment
    8. Victim Impact Assessment
    9. Vocational / Future Earning Capacity Assessment
  • Capacity Assessments
    1. Accommodation and Lifestyle decisions
    2. Cognitive Capacity Assessment
    3. Driving Capacity Assessment
    4. Financial Capacity Assessment
    5. Medical Decision-Making Capacity Assessment
    6. Mental Health Capacity Assessment
    7. Psychological Capacity Assessment
    8. Testamentary Capacity Assessment
  • Immigration Law
    1. Protection Visa Application
    2. Psychological Assesment
    3. Risk Assessment
  • Family Law
    1. Cognitive Capacity Assessment
    2. Mental Health Capacity Assessment
    3. Parenting Assessments
    4. Psychological Assessment
    5. Vocational / Future Earning Capacity Assessment
  • ACT Workers’ Compensation Psychological and Cognitive Assessment
  • ACT Motor Vehicle Psychological and Cognitive Assessment
  • NSW Workers’ Compensation Psychological and Cognitive Assessment
  • Comcare Psychological and Cognitive Assessment
  • Life Insurance Psychological Assessment
  • Public Liability Psychological Assessment

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