Professor Christian Gericke

Professor Christian Gericke

Spring Hill, Queensland


Professor Christian Gericke is a senior consultant neurologist, epileptologist and public health physician who supports defendant and plaintiff claims relating to neurological disorders in all Australian jurisdictions.

By combining his expertise in clinical neurology and public health medicine, Professor Gericke offers unique and particular expertise regarding questions of causality in clinical negligence and regulatory standard claims.

Professor Gericke is a Member of the Queensland Neurology/Neurosurgery Medical Assessment Tribunal and Clinical Advisor to the Queensland Health Ombudsman. He has been providing medicolegal advice to various court systems across Europe since qualifying as a neurologist in 1999 and has acted as an Independent Medical Expert for the Supreme Courts of NSW, QLD, VIC, WA and QLD Coroners and Family courts.

Professor Gericke has successfully supported lawyers in the Supreme Courts defending neurologists, neurosurgeons, physicians, and general practitioners who have been accused of committing errors in diagnosing and treating various neurological disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

Focusing on his expertise in epilepsy and neuroepidemiology, Professor Gericke also specialises in defending plaintiffs who have suffered birth defects due to exposure to harmful antiseizure medication during pregnancy.

These defects include intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Professor Gericke also provides independent medical examiner services to insurance companies, assessing permanent medical impairment for compensation claims relating to functional neurological disorders (FND) and traumatic brain injury after motor vehicle or workplace accidents.

Accreditations and Schemes:

  • American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th Ed
  • American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Ed
  • American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Ed
  • ACT Motor Vehicle
  • ACT Workers’ Compensation
  • Comcare Guide to the Assessment of Degree of Permanent Impairment
  • Criminal Law
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Family Law
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Life Insurance – TPD and Income Protection
  • Medical Negligence
  • Motor Accident Injury Commission Joint Medical Examination Queensland (JME QLD)
  • Motor Accident Injury Commission Queensland (MAIC)
  • Motor Accidents Insurance Board Tasmania

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