Professor Harry McConnell

Psychiatrist & Neuropsychiatry
Wolloongabba, QLD and Telehealth

About Professor Harry Mcconnell

Professor Harry McConnell is distinguished by his MD qualification and the prestigious Fellowships of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada (FRCPC) and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP), and a stellar career in neurology and psychiatry.

Professor McConnell has held leadership roles in top healthcare centres in the United States and the United Kingdom and has been a consultant for international organizations like the United Nations and the National Institutes of Health, authored important medical books and guidelines, and edited well-respected medical publications.

In addition to his medical and academic work, Professor McConnell has played a significant role in the medico-legal field. He’s acted as an expert witness in complex legal cases, using his specialized knowledge in neurology and psychiatry to provide valuable insights that help ensure fair legal proceedings and verdicts. His expertise makes him a highly sought-after authority in cases where medicine and the law intersect. 

He’s also well-known for his work with the Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in the field of psychiatry and for pioneering new healthcare services in the USA, UK, and Australia. His contributions have been crucial in clinical care, education, and research on a global level. 

Accreditations and Schemes:

  • American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th Ed 
  • American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Ed 
  • American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Ed 
  • ACT Motor Vehicle
  • ACT Workers’ Compensation
  • Aged Care Claims 
    • Medical Negligence  
    • Nervous Shock
  • Capacity Assessments 
    • Accommodation and Lifestyle Decisions 
    • Driving capacity Assessment 
    • Financial Capacity Assessment 
    • Medical Decision-making assessments 
    • Testamentary Capacity Assessment 
  • Comcare Guide to the Assessment of Degree of Permanent Impairment 
  • Criminal Law 
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs 
  • Family Law 
  • Fitness For Duty 
  • Life Insurance – TPD and Income Protection 
  • Immigration Law 
  • Medical Negligence 
  • Motor Accident Injury Commission Queensland (MAIC)
  • Motor Accident Injury Commission Joint Medical Examination Queensland (JME QLD)
  • Northern Territory Motor Vehicle
  • Northern Territory WorkSafe
  • Public and Professional Liability 
  • Seafarers 
  • Sexual Abuse 
    • Historical Abuse: Sexual 
    • Historical Abuse: Non-Sexual 
  • Worksafe Queensland (GEPI) Permanent Impairment Assessor (PIA)

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