Dr Samantha Jones

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth & Telehealth


Dr Jones draws on many years’ experience using both her medical and business skills to provide expert medical opinions and treating injured workers. It is often difficult to balance the competing needs and expectations of the worker, employer, insurer and other interested parties. Dr Jones takes a common sense, practical and pragmatic approach to find the optimal outcome.

Dr Jones has extensive knowledge and experience of various forms of trauma involving motor vehicle accidents, industrial and farming accidents and various types of sports related injuries.

Specific industry expertise includes:


Medicolegal Workers Comp
Workers Comp
Motor Vehicle Assessment
Fitness for Duty
Life Insurance
Telehealth Assessments

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What is Long COVID?

Prof Mark Taylor, MD; FRCPsych; FRCPE; FRANZCP; Kirsty Taylor, BA (Hons); PGCE; FRSA; andProf Alan J Carson, FRCPsych; FRCPE Introduction In 2019 reports started emanating from Wuhan in China about a novel viral infection, initially thought to be similar to SARS. By March 2020 the world was in the grip of the highly contagious coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic (here referred to as COVID), leading to a series of urban and travel…

Car Crash – Mindcafe

“So, you had a car crash?” Reviewing the risk and rates of mental disorder after a roadtraffic accident. Introduction Road traffic or motor vehicle accidents are common in Australia and elsewhere. Over 50million people have a road traffic accident (RTA) in a year, and RTAs are now the third singlemost common cause of death worldwide (WHO, 2020). For example, the Australian RoadsDeath Database reveals the death rate due to RTAs…

Technological innovation: Helping Insurers meet the Life Code requirement around IME Choice

The subject on every life insurer’s lips at the moment is the Life Code and with good reason. With a firm delivery date of July 1, 2017, Life Code committees have been busy restructuring internal practices, rewriting policies and training staff to ensure they are compliant with the code. Whilst the changes have placed enormous pressure on Life Insurers to revisit their modus operandi, most people would agree the changes are necessary and serve as a timely catalyst for implementing practices that will future-proof the industry.

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