Ms Olga Skiadopoulos

Vocational Psychologist
Campsie and Regional NSW, Canberra ACT, Brisbane and Regional QLD and Telehealth


Ms Olga Skiadopoulos is an Organisational Psychologist with extensive experience in vocational assessments, guidance and occupational rehabilitation.  She sees clients in her clinical practice and is an EMDR Therapist specialising in psychological trauma treatment particularly for PTSD and Depression.

She has assisted people in their return to meaningful employment by not only treating psychological distress (through various modalities such as EMDR Therapy, CBT, solution focused therapy, Parts Therapy and IFS), but as appropriate in her various roles, coordinating and liaising with stakeholders (employers, unions, insurers, government agencies, medical and allied professionals) to achieve improved quality of life.

As an approved SIRA, Victims Services and Medicare provider, Olga is an expert witness for psychological impact of injury and future earning capacity/vocational assessments.

Accreditations and Schemes

  • ACT Motor Vehicle
  • ACT Workers Compensation
  • Capacity Assessments
    • Financial
    • Psychological
    • Vocational
    • Future Earning
  • Comcare Guide to the Assessment of Degree of Permanent Impairment
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Fitness for Duty
  • Life Insurance
  • Medical Negligence
  • SIRA NSW Motor Accident Guidelines Authorised Health Practitioner (AHP)
  • SIRA NSW Workers’ Compensation Allied Health Practitioner
  • Public & Professional Liability
  • QLD Motor Vehicle
  • QLD Workers Compensation

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