Our Mission

Our mission is to enable and support a MedicoLegal specialist to transition into a digital environment through which reliable, high quality, life-improving and efficient expert MedicoLegal opinion is delivered to the Personal Injury and Occupational Health sectors.

Our Vision

There is an urgent customer-driven need for transformational change across the largely “legacy” Occupational Health and Personal Injury sectors.  Such change requires transitioning from a legacy operating model to one specifically engineered for relevancy today, tomorrow and in 20 years’ time. All industry sectors are looking to cut out waste, focus on true value creation and improve the way things are done: think Tesla, Airbnb, Google….

Clients want to find the best medical practitioner for their expert advice. Going direct to Medical Experts improves efficiency and enables clients to get closer to the medical experts, enabling both parties to build a direct communication channel for exchanging valuable information that may significantly influence the health outcomes of the injured individual. The evolution of digital technologies, and the benefits of e-commerce means that medical practitioners can now easily and securely communicate and transact with their clients.

At MEDirect, we believe that communication matters. In the medicolegal sector, this is best managed through a direct relationship between the medical expert and their clients, not through a myriad of inefficient legacy ‘middlemen’.

That’s why MEDirect has created Australia’s first client-to doctor-direct medicolegal network. It’s powered by a sophisticated, custom built medicolegal practice management system that drives better health outcomes by facilitating direct collaboration between medicolegal experts and their clients. The result of this is better decision making and improved turnaround times, while significantly enhancing the medical experts’ practice efficiency and productivity.

And because every medicolegal expert works a little differently,  there’s a marketplace of independent service providers that can be accessed if required, which means medical experts only pay for what they need.

MEDirect has the vision, means and expertise to support the transformational needs of the Occupational Health and Personal Injury sectors. Our foundation is based on disruptive ‘start-up’ thinking that drives innovation and change, and develops new business models. Our underlying passion is to support a culture that enables everyone to win, and to positively challenge the status quo to create something significantly better.