Telehealth has changed the way Medical Experts deliver Medicolegal Assessments during COVID-19.  But exactly how do you pivot your business quickly and efficiently, and what considerations do you need to take into account? 

 Together with leading medical experts and industry professionals, MEDirect takes a deeper look into Telehealth and answers your most pressing questions.  

Australian Medicolegal College – Live Webinars

MEDirect Pty Ltd is proud to partner with the Australian Medicolegal College to bring you a series of educational webinars where we explore and debate the latest industry changes and the issues most relevant to you, the Medical Expert.

Transitioning to Telehealth

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  28 April 2020

This “how-to” webinar provides the answers you need to mobilise to Telehealth.  Have all your questions answered live and hear from other Medical Experts on their successful transition to Telehealth.

Telehealth:  The Regulators’ and Referrers’ Perspectives

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  7 May 2020

Hear from our expert panelists comprising of senior SIRA, Legal and Insurer Representatives as we discuss the legal context of Telehealth medicolegal assessments.

Transitioning to Telehealth:  Moving Towards Consensus

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  21 May 2020

Join us as we deep-dive into resolving uncertainties surrounding IMEs assessing musculoskeletal injuries by focusing on four common musculoskeletal injuries: spine; upper limb; lower limb; and CNS.  Given the current COVID-19 circumstances, to what degree can this kind of injury be adequately assessed via Telehealth?

The Australian & New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine – Live Webinars

MEDirect Pty Ltd and ANZSOM is proud to provide a series of valuable and relevant live webinars that were held with ANZSOM members and available here for public viewing.

Transitioning to Telehealth

Live ANZSOM Webinar Date:  21 April 2020

A comprehensive how-to guide for Medical Experts transitioning their Medicolegal Business to Telehealth.

The Logistics of Telehealth

Live ANZSOM Webinar Date:  14 May 2020

Telehealth.  So now what?  We discuss a range of topics beginning with the first steps you need to take to transition your Medicolegal Business to Telehealth, the  How?  What?  Why?  and When?

MEDirect Webinars

We are always looking for opportunities to bring Medical Experts together to discuss industry trends, the current operating environment and provide further education on topics of interest.

Transitioning to Telehealth

Live MEDirect Webinar Date:  8 April 2020

Personal Injury Assessments are considered an essential service but given the Government requirements around social isolation, the responsible and safe course of action is to limit face-to-face interaction unless absolutely necessary and that means undertaking assessments via video conferencing. In this webinar we discuss the key consideration for assessments undertaken this way.