Telehealth appointments have become a critical component of any medicolegal business.  There is an increasing number of Medical Experts from a range of specialties who are now delivering medicolegal reports via Telehealth. 

In the current Covid-19 environment, Telehealth is proving to be a successful way, and in some states of Australia the only way, for Medical Experts to continue to deliver medicolegal assessments.     

MEDirect allows you to easily find and book a Telehealth-enabled Medical Expert with availability that suits your claimant.  

How do I book a Telehealth assessment with a medicolegal expert?

If you’re a referrer, what are your options for booking Telehealth assessments?



How to make a Telehealth booking with MEDirect

Telehealth information guide for claimants

What information will help your claimants prepare for a telehealth assessment?


Preparing your claimants for what to expect with a telehealth assessment will increase the success of the examination

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