How does MEDirect benefit me? 

MEDirect is Australia’s first and only Practice Management System designed specifically for the Personal Injury Sector. It automates administrative functions, stops duplication and significantly improves profit margins, enabling Medicolegal Experts to earn up to 55% more on every Medicolegal report they write.  

What is a medicolegal practice management system?

A medicolegal practice management system is a complete ‘end to end’ technology platform.  It enables:

  • Bookings to be securely taken online
  • Automates all aspects of the medicolegal report production process including SMS claimant reminders
  • Facilitates the secure upload of documents
  • Chases outstanding documentation
  • Generates reports using report templates pre-populated by the referral database
  • Creates and dispatches all invoices and debtor management.

It is a bit like Genie, Medical Director or Best Practice for primary care practices but so much more.

How secure is the MEDirect Practice Management System?

MEDirect’s custom-built, fully encrypted, tech platform meets all Australian Privacy and Health Records Act requirements.  It is housed on Australian soil and is tripled-backed up so you will never be in breach and you will never lose data.

All your report-related work is conducted directly on the platform and there is no reason for any documents including transcription to work outside the security of the platform. Due to this added level of security, you can now accept referrals from government agencies and financial institutions.

Do I need to sign a contract with MEDirect?

There are no joining fees to pay, no monthly, quarterly, or annual membership fees, no exclusivity and there is absolutely no lock-in contract required.

If you join MEDirect today and decide later that we are not right for you, then you can walk away – 100% risk free.

We are certain however, that once you see how easy and intuitive our platform is, you will never look back and your increased margins will be the very welcomed bonus!

How do you help me build my business?

MEDirect is leading the way in digitisation and has a large range of modern tools and capabilities to help you grow your own medicolegal business.  As part of our on-boarding process, we work together to develop a unique marketing plan specifically for you to grow your medicolegal business.  This is just one of the value-add offerings you receive when you partner with MEDirect.

People who know and trust you are always the best starting point and we will continue to develop and nurture this relationship on behalf of you.  We will also strategically promote you within our own community via our digital channels to those referrers who may not know you yet.

MEDirect has created a double-sided marketplace which ensures you will be easily found by those who are searching for an available Medical Expert.

Additionally, MEDirect’s Founders, Sue and Ross, work extensively with regulators, insurers/ claims agents, lawyers and employers and will continue to promote you at the senior level within an organisation.

You can also accept direct bookings from existing medicolegal providers – just get them to log onto your platform and book an appointment. And because you are doing all the work now, you may be able to potentially renegotiate the commission.

Will you provide me with appointments?

This is your own direct business and these appointments are yours.

You do not give MEDirect appointments to sell like you would with a traditional medicolegal provider, but rather you list your appointments on MEDirect’s network so you can be found and booked direct by those referrers who know you and also, by those referrers who don’t know you………yet!

Think Airbnb and Booking.Com

Can I continue to accept appointments through my Medicolegal Provider?


Why be forced to give away your valuable appointments to a variety of medicolegal providers and then have many unsold; this is one of the largest forms of waste with the legacy middlemen system.

There is a far better way.

Simply list all your appointments on your own calendar and let them come to you with a referral. A number of medicolegal providers are already registered on the MEDirect platform and are booking appointments with doctors they have an agreement with.

And because you are doing all the work now, you may be able to potentially renegotiate the commission!

Do you create my own website and how does it work?

MEDirect can have your own personal web site up and running in 2 -5 business days. Our thorough on-boarding process captures all the details necessary to build your personalised website. We ask you to write a brief bio, provide us with a photo and then Sue will work with you to film a short video so you can actively and personally engage with current or future referrers. If you have any other material you would like to develop for your own blogs, we will help you.

We then connect your new site to your own practice management system.  Once we publish, you are now live and can be found and booked directly online.  It really is that simple.

Have a look at one of our partners, Dr Greg Cameron.

If you have your own web site, we simply add the ‘make a booking’ button to your site to connect it to your own medicolegal practice management system.

How can I contact referrers myself?

The referrers also have their own online portal where they fill in their contact details when registering.  With the click of a button, you will be able to find their email address, phone numbers and even their manager’s contact details.

MEDirect’s Practice Management System even has a chat function where you can speak with your referrer in a simple-to-use, pop up.

How do I create 50-80% efficiencies if I have my own practice?

MEDirect’s Practice Management System significantly reduces the amount of time you will need to spend on the administrative tasks in your medicolegal business.  Modern technology allows for the automation of most tasks, taking a fraction of the time and removing the need for doubling or triple-handling and often, rework.

By giving your referrers real-time access to your appointment calendar, you will:

  • Spend less time confirming appointments
  • Spend less time finalising reports
  • Spend less time chasing supporting documentation and;
  • Spend less time preparing invoices and then chasing payment.

Transcribing and editing documents are all completed on the platform and all emails are pre-populated templates with all the correct addresses and documents attached. There is no need to search through messy files – all documents, including email are all easily available and searchable on your own platform.

Rescheduling is a simple two-click process and all parties are notified.  This will free up the time of your existing practice manager and help them focus on what really matters – building and developing your profitable medicolegal business.

I don’t have my own rooms or support services so how can I become independent?

MEDirect has a range of independent service providers who would love to help you grow your own independent business; just use and pay directly for what you use.

The MEDirect service network includes room hire, transcription services such as Scribe on Time, Telehealth Tech to concierge your telehealth appointments, translator Ezispeak, QA/critical analysis of reports and virtual practice managers.  Each of your chosen service providers have access to you directly and if required can become a member of your practice team on your platform.

Can I use my own transcriptionist?

Yes you can. They can easily become part of your team.

How long do you hold the documentation and reports for?

We will never destroy your reports and documents.  They will remain in your portal for the lifetime that you are using MEDirect as your Practice Management System to manage your medicolegal business and you can access them at any time.

Can I back up my data on my own hard drive?

You can export your reports and documents and save them on your own hard drive, however, we recommend only editing or working from the report within the portal to ensure that you always have the most recent and up-to-date report.

Can I take the referrer information with me if I leave MEDirect?

All the data is easily exported and be accessed by you if you decide that MEDirect is not the right Practice Management System for your medicolegal business.

Will other Medicolegal Experts using the MEDirect Practice Management System be able to see my referrals and the associated data?

No.   Only yourself as the Medical Expert and anyone within your medicolegal business that you have nominated access for, ie your Practice Manager, can access the portal and the documents contained within.  Your referrer will be able to access only the reports and documents pertaining to their case once you have released the information and made it available.

MEDirect is a secure platform that meets all Australian Privacy and Health Records Act requirements.

How does MEDirect bill me?

When you use MEDirect, you are not working for MEDirect, or giving MEDirect appointments.  MEDirect is a Practice Management System from which you can make available all your medicolegal appointments.

When you receive an online booking, we charge you a $25 booking fee (plus GST).  If the appointment is later cancelled, we refund this.

When you deliver the completed report and send your invoice to the referrer, we charge you 5.5% of the invoiced amount as a platform fee.

That’s it!  There are no catches.  Nothing more to pay.

On a $1600 report, all you pay to MEDirect is the $25 booking fee and an $88 platform fee, plus GST.

Are you a WIRO partner for the Approved Funding Program?

Yes, WIRO is a partner of MEDirect and all your approved medicolegal reports will be paid through WIRO

How do I find out more about MEDirect?

Simply click on the Schedule an Appointment link below to find a time that works for you to meet with the Founders of MEDirect, Sue Larsen and Ross Baker.