MEDirect has engaged with medical experts, colleges and industry bodies to bring you educational webinars that discuss key industry issues relevant to your Medicolegal Business. 

 If you have an area of interest you’d like discussed, please reach out.  

Australian Medicolegal College – Live Webinars

MEDirect Pty Ltd is proud to partner with the Australian Medicolegal College to bring you a series of educational webinars discussing the latest industry trends and issues relevant to you – the Medical Expert.

Independent Medical Examiners – Legal Risks and Safeguards

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  22 March 2022

Over recent years, there has been a significant increase in what often appear to be vexatious claims against IME Consultants. This is often perceived to be an attempt to negate the Consultant’s medical report, and although it is usually (not always) found to be baseless, it is always a distressing process for the Consultant.

Topics include:

  • The true extent of risk for Independent Medical Examiners
  • IMEs who are most at risk of complaints
  • The most common causes of complaints
  • When complaints become serious
  • Responding productively to complaints and avoiding “Red Flags”
  • Case scenarios discussion: measures that worked for and against the doctor
  • Practical approaches to safeguard yourself

Update on the 2017 MAIA – Impact on IME Consultants

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  31 March 2021

In NSW, Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 (MAIA) has set up an entirely new system for claims relating to persons injured in motor vehicle accidents in NSW, differing in many respects from the previous Motor Accidents Compensation Act (MACA). But what are the major changes under this Act, and how do these impact on the expectations of an IME consultant? How do decision-makers use IME reports to reach their determinations?

This webinar addresses the following:

  • The MACA 1999 vs the MAIA 2017: Key important changes for IMEs
  • The MAIA so far: Relevant learnings and observations
  • Key milestone dates and the information requirements of IMEs at each stage
  • Critical components of an IME report under MAIA (and how it differs to MACA!)
  •  Gaining clarity: Minor vs non-minor injuries
    Insights from decision-maker/previous CARS Assessor: How IME reports are used; what’s valuable and what’s not.

All About Conclaves and “Hot-tubbing”:  Lawyers’ and Doctors’ Perspectives

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  18 August 2020

Independent Medical Examiners are increasingly being instructed by the Courts to undertake pre-trial conclaves involving two or more doctors.

These require new skills, and an approach that some IME consultants find unfamiliar or uncomfortable, given the adversarial context of the discussion.

Our expert panelists discuss how to participate in conclaves in a well-directed, harmonious and professional manner, and the process and purpose of “Hot-tubbing” during court proceedings.

Transitioning to Telehealth:  Moving Towards Consensus

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  21 May 2020

Join us as we deep-dive into resolving uncertainties surrounding IMEs assessing musculoskeletal injuries by focusing on four common musculoskeletal injuries: spine; upper limb; lower limb; and CNS.  Given the current COVID-19 circumstances, to what degree can this kind of injury be adequately assessed via Telehealth?

Telehealth:  The Regulators’ and Referrers’ Perspectives

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  7 May 2020

Hear from our expert panelists comprising of senior SIRA, Legal and Insurer Representatives as we discuss the legal context of Telehealth medicolegal assessments.

Transitioning to Telehealth

Live AMLC Webinar Date:  28 April 2020

This “how-to” webinar provides the answers you need to mobilise to Telehealth.  Have all your questions answered live and hear from other Medical Experts on their successful transition to Telehealth.