Meet the Team at MEDirect

Dr Greg Cameron, Chief Medical Officer, MEDirect - Sydney NSW

Dr Greg Cameron


Dr Cameron has been working in Occupational Medicine, Workplace Health and General Practice for over 25 years. He founded Healthnet Family Clinic in 1994, providing a full range of services for workers, employers and medicolegal reports. Dr Cameron works closely with medical and paramedical (Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Exercise physiologists) providers to facilitate a safe return to work.  He has worked with employers from a range of industries, in both the private and government sectors, performing pre-employment medical examinations and injury treatment.

Dr Cameron has been a WorkCover Injury Management Consultant since 1999, during which time he has provided hundreds of reports to insurers, solicitors, employers and the Workers Compensation Commission.

After gaining further Occupational Health experience working as a senior doctor for Sonic Health Plus for 3 years, Dr Cameron joined Primary Health Care as Medical Director of Occupational Health, working with the team to grow the business, formulate training and education for their doctors and expanding their range of services and locations.

Dr Cameron is now actively contributing his expertise to building a new approach to delivering expert medical advice with MEDirect.

Sue Larsen, Chief Executive Officer, MEDirect, Sydney NSW

Sue Larsen


Sue has been engaged in the healthcare sector for 25+ years, working strategically with clients across a number of healthcare segments to design and deliver solutions that improve health outcomes for Australians.

Her passion for transformation led her to co-found, build and operate an Australian medical education company for doctors, designed to strengthen interpersonal communication skills and improve patient adherence and health outcomes. Building upon successes in the Australian market, the company has expanded in to the USA where it is now headquartered.

Recently Sue has been consulting to the Personal Injury sector, liaising with key industry stakeholders in the wake of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Financial Services Industry, and the Victorian Omudsman’s Review into Workers Compensation, to develop solutions which meet requirements for reform.

She is a proactive, motivated and high energy professional who has been consistently praised for her verbal and written communication skills. Over her 25-year career she has developed strong expertise in many executive functions  including planning and execution, the ability to forge strong strategic relationships, and technology planning/workflows and implementation. Her HR qualifications and expertise in Learning and Development with doctors and other professionals has also honed exceptional skills in developing  employee engagement, culture change and behaviour change.

Ross Baker, Chief Executive Officer, MEDirect - Sydney NSW

Ross Baker

Ross is a hands-on entrepreneur with deep experience across both the Personal Injury and Occupational Health sectors. Supporting Allianz’ entry into the Australian market, Ross has developed a wealth of experience across the personal injury sector’s entire value chain.

Having founded Recovre under his Allianz watch, he privatised the business and grew it to become one of the largest occupational health businesses in Australia, covering 30 sites, employing 450 staff and over 800 medical specialists.

Since then, Ross has worked across a range of leading organisations, acting as a strategic consultant within the personal injury sector. Many of today’s sector innovations have been the direct result of Ross’ initiatives, but there is still much to do to drive real change.

Special areas of competencies include integration of class leading technologies, bridging the gap between clinical care and customer outcomes, and winning new business through relationship-development and value creation. Ross brings extensive know-how to MEDirect that is critical for developing a better way to deliver medical advice.

WOODS Karen profile

Karen Woods

Karen brings over 20 years’ medical industry experience to her role as MEDirect’s Operations Manager, having worked across the Pharmaceutical, Medical Education, Medicolegal and NDIS sectors. She’s served as Operations Manager for the internationally based Astute Doctor Education, working with internationally acclaimed specialists, thought leaders and technical innovators, and has been pivotal in driving the marketing and business development initiatives of many Medicolegal medical experts across Australia. She’s brilliant, humble, and while we will never tell her to her face, she’s the engine that drives MEDirect.
Andrew Robertson Financial Officer MEDirect

Andrew Robertson

Andrew has worked and advised within the accounting industry for over twenty five years. Having successfully managed an accountancy practice for ten of those years, Andrew was a key driver in moving the practice from a compliance-based firm to a proactive business services firm, which priced on service delivery and value. He was also heavily involved in building a business development division in this firm. In 2006, Andrew sold his share in this business to pursue his passion of advising businesses on how to improve profitability, strategic direction, internal efficiencies and morale. Since 2006, Andrew has continued to invest heavily in his own education as a business coach / advisor and today is a very experienced business coach with excellent results and a specialty in advising accountancy firms. Today, Andrew shares his immense expertise and financial wisdom with MEDirect in his role as Financial Officer.