MEDirect is transforming the way MedicoLegal advice is delivered. This broker-free Practice Management System can increase your profitability by up to 55%, reduce your costs by 80%, and reduce the time taken to manage and produce reports by 90%.

What is the MEDirect Practice Management System, and how does it work?

Why would I use MEDirect?


List appointments on one single calendar

Decide when you want to work; list all of your appointments on MEDirect’s booking platform, and accept appointments from all your clients: insurers, lawyers, even medicolegal providers.

Want to make a change? Simply add, move, or cancel your appointments on MEDirect’s booking platform and your changes are instantly updated for everyone to see, giving you total flexibility to use your time the way you choose. And because cancelled appointments are instantly re-listed, you’ll never miss a booking again! And you only pay when you receive a booking- just $25 per booking.


Online workflow platform keeps you organised

MEDirect gives you your own personal, secure, automated online workflow platform that’s packed with features designed so you can work independently, and fast track your report prep and production time.

MEDirect’s workflow platform manages document requests and storage; appointment and document reminders; voice to text dictation and report creation; report and invoice dispatch; and much more! It’s your own fully functioning tech platform without the hefty fee. Why pay 30%, 40% or 50% per report? Access all this functionality for just 5.5% per report.


Secure platform keeps you safe & increases client base

The MEDirect platform is designed to meet privacy and health care records security requirements, ensuring patient records are safe, and protecting you against inadvertently exposing private patient information.

And when you use the online booking and workflow platforms, you can receive bookings from clients who can only transact with those who meet the highest tech security requirements- such as Australian government departments and Australian financial institutions. That’s another way MEDirect helps you grow your business!

How does MEDirect benefit me?

MEDirect is not a medicolegal provider. We’re Australia’s first client-to-doctor-direct medicolegal network that lets you and your medical experts work directly together, while providing all the benefits of a sophisticated online booking and workflow platform. MEDirect gives you total control of your medicolegal business and enables you to work with whoever you choose, however you choose.   Our platform enables you to work completely independently, even providing you with access to an independent marketplace of services, such as sessional medical consulting rooms, transcriptionists, translators, QA and QC support, financing, book keeping services and more.   Here are few more things we’d like you to know about MEDirect.


Consider this...

The Hilton Hotel lists a hotel room on a central booking platform. Selling agents, like Hotels.com, connect to this platform and promote the room to their clients, thereby maximising Hilton’s exposure to potential purchasers and ensuring the best chance of a sale. But Hilton Hotels can also sell the room directly, and at a higher margin!

There’s no double booking or foregone opportunities – the channel management platform updates in real time, ensuring only available rooms are offered for sale.

And if the booking is ever cancelled, the room becomes available again!


That's exactly how MEDirect works!

Schedule your appointments on MEDirect’s booking platform then sit back and accept bookings directly from clients and medicolegal providers.

Need to make a change? Add appointments? Cancel appointments? Change the type of appointment? Resell a cancelled appointment? That’s no problem! Changes are made in real time so you’ll never miss a booking through delay, inefficiency or mismanagement. And MEDirect’s sophisticated tech functionality will automatically send your client a cancellation notification.

MEDirect has made it easy to schedule and manage your appointments.


Get your own personal workflow platform

Want to streamline the time and costs associated with managing assessments and report production?  MEDirect’s secure, online workflow platform is packed with features designed so you can work independently, and fast track your report prep and production time.

The MEDirect workflow platform manages document requests and storage; appointment and document reminder emails; voice to text dictation and report creation; report and invoice dispatch; and much more!

It’s your own fully functioning tech platform without the hefty fee!

Business Chat

... talk directly to your clients

A good outcome starts with good communication. That’s why MEDirect makes it easy to liaise directly with your clients.

Need extra information? Have a question? Need to explain something? MEDirect’s chat function is connected to the case number making it easy for you and your client to quickly “get on the same page” and get – or give – the information you need. You can even share phone numbers and arrange a time to talk.

Don’t waste time and energy waiting for a response. Get the answers you need quickly and move on. Build stronger relationships with your clients and create a more loyal customer base.

It’s so simple!


... and video-conferencing technology too!

No, not Skype! We’ve partnered with the CSIRO’s COVIU to  provide you with state of the art, secure video-conferencing technology. It’s cloud based, and is the most reliable platform used in Australian Healthcare today.

Don’t share your personal details! Coviu provides users with a unique hyperlink, and the consult starts when you are ready. You can even customise your “room” with your name and logo.

Hold one on one consults, or group meetings.

Provide regular virtual CMO services for Case Managers- schedule your virtual CMO appointments on the MEDirect booking platform, clients make an online booking and wait in your virtual waiting room until you are ready for the discussion.

A client has the imaging you need? That’s no problem! Coviu let’s users take photos of reports and scans, saves it to .pdf, and instantly sends it between users, allowing you to view the most up to date reports during your consultation.

Just another way MEDirect is helping you grow your business.


No one will ever care about your business as much as you do...

…so don’t leave your success up to someone else!

Tired of being just one of many names indiscriminately provided to clients under the banner of “sales and marketing” and paying for it?  How much impact can that really have on your business??

You know your expertise and you know how you’d like to grow your business. MEDirect provides you with the tools to grow your business your way.

When you use the MEDirect platform, you’ll have your own CRM database so you can view and analyse your clients whenever you like. Want to see where your business is coming from and the type of reports requested? Your personal dashboard enables you to analyse your business and make strategic decisions based on the facts.

MEDirect also provides you with the tools to market yourself directly: Your own personal webpage that hosts your appointment calendar. Add your social media handles. Upload training sessions to your webpage and provide these to clients to build your brand….or make it available to MEDirect’s entire customer base and grow your referral base.

You’ll even have email campaign software so you can build and distribute your own customised and relevant  campaigns.

When you use the MEDirect tech platform, your clients are YOURS, not MEDirect’s. Take business into your own hands with MEDirect’s easy marketing tools.


Access an online marketplace of services and increase your margins

Every medical expert has different needs, so why pay for things you don’t need?

The “one size fits all” approach has never really worked…

MEDirect provides you with access to an online marketplace of independent freelancers and services you can use if you want to.

Need a consulting room? A Translator? Transcriptionist? QA/QC support? A debt collector?  Or bookkeeping services?

Go direct to the supplier and don’t pay the middleman. Browse service providers’ profiles, review satisfaction ratings, chat in real time, and select the service that’s right for you.

Want to list your services? Talk to MEDirect.

Musculoskeletal Physician

“The ability to list appointments once and be booked by anyone reduces my downtime, increases my revenue and improves my flexibility, enabling me to choose how I spend my time.”

Occupational Physician

“You’ve really thought of it all. Why would I use a medicolegal broker and give them 25%-50% commission when the MEDirect platform does more for a fraction of the cost?”


“The fees for conducting medicolegal workers compensation assessments in this state are much lower than in other states. But by accepting bookings directly through the MEDirect booking and Practice Management System, I’m almost doubling the amount in my pocket so I only have to work half as much. It makes it much more worthwhile. It’s also guaranteed work, so it just makes sense to me.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon

”For a full day’s medicolegal consulting work, I paid less than 7% of all my billings to MEDirect for using their booking and workflow platform. Why wouldn’t I be happy? The brokers should be nervous”

Pain Physician

“I’m tired of waiting to be paid by the medicolegal broker and chasing invoices they should be managing for me. The MEDirect Practice Management Systems manages all my invoicing and reconciliation, and I get paid by the referrer directly, which means I’m not waiting months for the broker to pass my payments on to me. I generally get paid by the referrer within 28 days, straight in to my account. It’s so much better.”

Occupational Physician

“Do yourself a favour and speak to Ross and Sue at MEDirect.”


“I’ve never worked for a broker-I don’t believe in them. The MEDIrect Practice Management System has given me good efficiencies compared with my existing manual processes, and meets the new security and privacy requirements.”


“It’s simple. I work for a medicolegal broker and pay 25%, or I use the MEDirect Practice Management System and pay less than 7% in total, and it does pretty much the same thing for me. You don’t have to be a genius to work out which one is better.”

MEDirect has a host of features the brokers can’t provide, for a fraction of the cost. It just makes sense.