Introducing Australia's first MedicoLegal Channel Management, Booking & Workflow Platform

The online workflow platform that keeps you organised


MEDIrect’s secure, online workflow platform is packed with features designed so you can work independently, and fast track your report prep and production time.

The MEDirect workflow platform manages document requests and storage; appointment and document reminders; voice to text dictation and report creation; report and invoice dispatch; and much more!

It’s your own fully functioning tech platform without the hefty fee!

Customise all your medical assessment workflows

Customising your workflows couldn’t be easier. There’s no coding required- a simple drag and drop tool enables any type of workflow to be created, cutting the time it takes to prepare assessments and delivering a tailored result for all your clients.

Your own client dashboard

Manage all your cases through your personal dashboard. Simply log in and have full control over every aspect of your workflow. Track upcoming appointments, report production status, invoicing and generate reports with data analytics to fully understand your business..

Dictate directly onto your report template - it couldn't be easier!

Each assessment type will populate a specific report template you can dictate directly into via modern voice to text technology. Alternatively, capture your voice dictation as you traditionally would and have a transcriptionist transcribe into your template. Simply edit online and once you’re happy with your report, hit submit. Both the report and invoice will be automatically generated and sent to your client.

How efficient is that!

Mobile App

Use your mobile app to manage all aspects of your case on the run.

View current tasks and create ad-hoc tasks with ease

  • One-touch access to key contacts
  • Enter progress notes while on the road
  • Inbox access to quickly send emails to a client
  • Address client queries immediately via your smartphone
  • Promptly update key stakeholders about cases

Electronically capture signatures for consents

Overcome the challenge of obtaining consents by using the electronic signature tool.

  • Electronically obtain legally binding signatures
  • Ensure compliance while obtaining signed consent forms
  • Administrative tasks managed for you through Workflow Manager
  • Obtain signatures on the go
  • Consolidate multiple stakeholder signatures onto one master copy
  • Easily transfer signed documents via email
  • Securely store signed documents within MEDirect’s document management system

Security network to meet all Privacy and Health Records Act requirements

Our MEDirect platform has a strong foundation in security, having been designed to meet both privacy and health care records security requirements.

The MEDirect platform uses an Amazon cloud system. The servers are located in Sydney and operate in multiple Availability Zones for redundancy and uptime, meaning all health care records are housed in Australia.

All communications are encrypted over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and is protected by Amazon Firewall.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about MEDirect,
please get in touch, we would love to see if we can help.