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Start creating a better workplace.

EngageRocket is a cloud-based software that helps leaders and organisations make better people decisions using real-time data. We automate employee feedback and analytics to deliver management insight that improves employee experience and performance.

Continuous listening made easy

Simple setup and automated admin allow you to “set it and forget it”. Get started by uploading your employee list and everything else happens automatically. Staff receive weekly invites, reminders and reports are pushed to managers.

Immediate measurable impact

Short, simple surveys with validated questions make data collection a breeze.

See immediately how well different areas within your organisation are doing. We provide the ability for you to slice and dice your data, however you want.

Trend your data and track how you are performing over time. Export your results in easy-to-read format and present it when necessary!

Part of “business as usual”

Easily embed into an operating routine and understand the pulse of their team. EngageRocket is trusted by companies to easily manage and deliver real-time results for your engagement surveys. Our clients have reported a 95% participation rate and less than 9 minutes to set-up their fully customisable surveys.

Bite-sized action steps

Get smarter data, faster, and access  our comprehensive library of leadership resources to build engagement. Create your own questions, or simply use our library of questions backed by research and testing to ensure that you get the best insights.

and more…


1. Set Up

Simply upload employee list, review list of validated questions…. or create your own!

1. Set Up

Simply upload employee list, review list of validated questions…. or create your own!

2. Being surveys

Take surveys.

2. Being surveys

Take surveys.

3. Real-time data

Don’t hang around waiting for your results. Take action and see changes immediately.

3. Real-time data

Don’t hang around waiting for your results. Take action and see changes immediately.

4. Take Action

Get relevant suggestions pushed to you.

4. Take Action

Get relevant suggestions pushed to you.

We make it easy for you.

EngageRocket takes 9 minutes to set up. Leaders get continuous feedback from employees on matters like engagement and organisational change with simple pulse surveys. For the employees: Give feedback anonymously without worry. For the good folks in HR: At last, an easy to use survey platform that gives more value with less admin work. For the people managers: Get real-time insights to build a great team. For the big bosses: Be rich with insights that not only retain your best performers but drive your bottom line

Empower Personal Development with intelligent 360 feedback solutions to grow your talent fast.


Easily run 360 feedback for your whole organisation

With our well-research questionnaire templates, you can launch a 360 project in minutes and get results in real-time.

Be it for 10 or 10,000 team members, your talent can access valuable peer and upward feedback – without tedious manual results compilation.

Supported by a dedicated customer success specialist, deep knowledge and experience is just a button click away.

Be in complete control

Customise your rater groups, rater selection method, feedback questionnaire and email templates. Make changes immediately in simple steps.

Get tailored personal development insights from your desktop, smartphones or tablet.

Intelligent development planning with Maven

Empower your people to drive their own development with Maven, our intelligent coach-bot. Maven will guide your people to create their own development plans step by step while supporting their journey towards greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Find answers to your questions

You can roll out a survey programme within minutes of creating an account, with an updated employee list and using our scientifically validated questions. It only takes slightly longer if you wish to customise your own questions. No software engineer or data scientist needed, we designed EngageRocket for anyone.

At EngageRocket, we’re picky about the validity and relevance of our questions. They are based on a global academic review of published literature to establish conceptual drivers. We then tested the questions in multiple rounds across the industry and demographic groups. Qualitative tests were done to ensure relevance and understanding in the Asian context, before narrowing the list further quantitatively. The remaining questions are not only more easily understood, but they’re also reliable indicators of each driver – letting you map out your action plan with confidence.

Our recommended survey frequency is weekly. For the Employee Engagement Module, there are 27 standard validated questions, completing a cycle covering all questions over four weeks. You may also create your own custom questions – both closed-ended (on a 5-point scale) and open-ended. Don’t want a weekly frequency? No problem. You can also set it to monthly or quarterly. On top of that, we also offer the flexibility of sending one-off surveys.

For our Employee Engagement module, every manager will receive results when they have 3 or more respondents reporting to them. We base our survey questions on scientific drivers, e.g. our Engagement module carries 10 key drivers.

You can also review responses to the open-ended question and see your highest and lowest scoring drivers with recommendations. To share, just export the data and print, or save as a PDF.

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Managers and project administrator see EngageRocket in two different ways. The project administrator (usually the one who signs up with EngageRocket for the organisation) has access to all info and can manage employees. Managers will be able to see their direct team’s information and results.

Real-time data on the pulse of your organisation allows you to navigate change with far greater precision. Instantly gauge the impact of your communication strategies on team morale, and take decisive action at the right time to steer your team through challenging times.