To remain competitive in business, ongoing change is an essential component. Change can be instigated from within the organisation or imposed by external factors. Either way, making organisational change needs to be well managed by winning over the hearts and minds whilst preparing teams, individuals and the organisation for success. One of the adaptive skills and attributes of a successful leader today is the capability to lead teams through change processes in order to deliver stronger business outcomes. This requires the change leader to understand the motivational triggers for each team member and to be flexible and creative in achieving positive outcomes for all parties. This change management training course introduces principles and models for enabling large scale change within teams and organisations. Evidenced-based models are explained for achieving successful change management. This course supports leaders in developing and refining their change management skills and draws on principles from leadership, motivation theory, behavioural economics and project management to explain the rationale behind leading approaches to managing change within organisations. It will also show you how to develop a change plan, select an appropriate change model, apply the model to case studies and real-life scenarios and then post-evaluate to take corrective action where necessary to reinforce the change process. Course content includes:

  • The impact of change on wellbeing
    • Change fatigue
    • Understanding reactions to change
    • Self-management tips
  • The business and personal dimensions of change
  • Understanding a range of change management models
  • Applying a change management model based on the kind of change and the culture of the company
  • Developing a Change Management plan
  • Evaluating the plan and taking corrective action

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