Achieving daily progress on the things that matter most is no easy task. Every day is a balancing act between responsibilities and energy levels, meetings, unplanned conversations, emails, urgent problem-solving and a host of other impromptu demands that seem to de-rail our best-laid plans. It seems we are all searching for the “single-best way” to manage our day for maximum productivity, but the reality is what works for one person will not work for another. And while we all know things we should do to increase our productivity, it seems our follow-through is often lacking… This course provides participants with a range of productivity hacks that enable them to achieve more each day. Providing strategies used by the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, the Productivity for Professionals course combines practical approaches with scientifically proven meta-cognitive “starting techniques” to help them move forward on the things that matter most, achieve more of THEIR OWN objectives (not everyone else’s!), overcome procrastination, fear and anxiety, and kick-start them into delivering on the things they know they ought to do. And because productivity starts at the top, the Productivity for Professionals course also challenges the status quo at an organisational level, encouraging leaders to evaluate current practices and the value they actually bring. Got a weekly team meeting? Perhaps a 15-minute stand-up meeting would be more productive. Are people checking texts and emails during meetings because they’re too long? Why not follow the practice of the world’s most successful companies and limit meetings to a strict 45 minutes, leaving phones and laptops at the door! Time is fleeting and opportunities pass. Finally, learn how to balance priorities and time to get more done and overcome the self-sabotaging behaviours that hurt productivity and progress the most.

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